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Social Security

There is no Social Security Administration (SSA) representative in Taiwan.  However, all Taiwan residents requiring SSA services can come to AIT for initial applications and inquiries. AIT can provide forms, answer questions regarding Social Security checks, and also act as a disbursing agency for Social Security checks. 

AIT forwards all applications to the SSA regional office in Manila for processing.  Upon receipt of applications via AIT, the Manila office will correspond directly with the applicant in Taiwan. The SSA in Manila processes claims for retirement, disability and survivor benefits, Social Security number applications, and all post-entitlement issues such as changes of address, non-receipt of checks, and termination of benefits due to death. The Manila SSA office also handles applications for Medicare benefits, and Taiwan residents can make initial application at AIT.

Social Security payments and transaction fees -  Please note that if you choose to receive your social security payments electronically, HSBC is the only financial institution designated to distribute social security benefits in Taiwan.  HSBC USA charges a monthly USD$5.00 transaction fee for the remittance of the SSA payments.  If you have further questions about transaction fees, please contact HSBC or the Social Secuirty Adminstration office in Manila for more information.

To apply for benefits at AIT, you must make an appointment.

If you would prefer to come to our Kaohsiung Branch Office, use the link below.

For more detailed information about Social Security benefits and procedures, Taiwan residents should contact the Manila Regional SSA Office:

Social Security Administration
U.S. Embassy Manila
1201 Roxas Boulevard
Ermita, Manila 0930

Phone: 63-2-301-2000 Ext. 9
Fax: 63-2-708-9723
Email Address:
SSA Web Site: Official SSA web site

SSA Forms:

Missing Appointments

  • We have a full schedule of appointments every day and usually a number of emergency cases. We regret we are unable to accommodate late arrivals. If you miss your appointment (date or time) you must book a new appointment.

Entering AIT

  • You should arrive at AIT five minutes before your scheduled appointment to pass through security. You will not be permitted to bring your mobile phone into the building. In Taipei, changing tables are available in the women's and men's room on the first floor. A private room is usually available for nursing.